Most of you, parents, have been faced with the same problem. Relax, it is not impossible, just be patient, consistent and persevering. Svetlyo Kantardjiev, famous children`s books publisher, wants to advise you something.

Firstly, don`t say never phrases such as ‘Your sister/brother read more than you, that`s why she/he is so clever, intelligent, ambitious, smart etc.’, ‘You should read because I said so!’, ‘You will become a journeyman without reading!’ The point is that the reading should not be represented like an obligation or order. After all, it is entertaining, enlightening, magical; it`s a crime to make it sound like a daily task.

Instead, read with your kids: one thing is for sure, you will spend priceless time together, discovering new and exciting lands, heroes, miracles. One more tip: go to the local museum where you can say interesting facts about the objects. The child will ask you how it is possible to know all these picturesque facts. That is the perfect time to explain that books are the most engaging and useful teacher.

Last but not least, choose colorful covers and pages: kids are always impressed by the packaging.

Good luck!


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